Production quality design services for students, by students.

Graph House is an agency consisting of designers, producers, and makers
who provide creative services and marketing solutions for organizations and startups.


Graph House is currently accepting applications for students who want to do work for and connect with our clients. We are primarily looking for:

We prefer applicants who have prior experience with tools such as Photoshop and Illustrator, although we are willing to train applicants who have the passion and drive to learn the skills. In addition to including prior work you’ve done, please indicate what interests you about Graph House and what you hope to gain from being on the team.


The Graph House Team specializes in produces creative assets including but not limited to:

If there are any materials that aren't listed above, the designers and producers within Graph House can work with you to determine which services we are able to provide.


The period of work depends on the size and the scope of the project, but typical one-off projects like posters and graphics typically consist of 1-3 weeks of collaboration.


To maintain a standard of quality for our work, we compensate our designers and pay them for their work. Because many of our clients are student organizations, we seek to provide high-quality work at a lower price point than other professional graphic services.

Graph House is willing to offer discounts and pro bono work for organizations with tight budgets.